Chromium messed up, how is Microsoft handling this?

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This week there was released an expiremental feature that messes with browser usage in remote desktop situations, more details found here:


This was also an issue for the Edge Chromium browser, because it is using the same engine I suppose. 


How is Microsoft going to handle this? It doesn't feel quite comfortable that Google is able to adjust the new Edge browser remotely.

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Wow that was stupid move, Google.
they have had months to do experiments before releasing it to the stable channel. I think they don't realize how big and important it is to own more than half of the browser market share.

@HotCakeX It was in BETA for 5 months. However, since Google seems to disregard the enterprise market, they haven't bothered testing it in an average enterprise environment.


I wonder how Microsoft will deal with this, as it is absolutely not done that 3rd parties have the ability to change settings of software in production environments. More so without warning or through updates.

This change from Google is filed as a security incident at the place where I work.

Microsoft have Windows insiders, im one of them :)