Chromium Edge on Windows LTSC automatic install

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Will the final Chromium based Edge be installed automatically from Windows Update on LTSC Windows 10, especially on Windows Server 2016/2019? I assume not, but yet I need to know this before it happens, if it happens, to run the block tool, in order to prevent the install.

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If your Windows 10 LTSC or any other edition, is Redstone 4 and later, it should be automatically installed and replace the Edge classic.

Because there is no mention of any exception in Microsoft's article.


Actualy, LTSC edition should not receive it, because no LTSC has the current Edge, based on Edgehtml . LTSC builds do not have the Store and Store apps and Edge in order to keep the system stable and thoose components are changing fast. The Chromium Edge fits this description fully. Indeed, Microsoft stated that Chromium Edge would be available to be installed on LTSC, but this could easily be like a non-Windows component, just as in case of Windows 8.1, installable as a non-Windows component. If it comes from Windows Update, it would become build-in. For LTSC, this seems unlikely, but it could still be possible. If so, the block toolkit should be used but, in case it is not neccesary, the block kit could harm Windows.

How could it harm Windows?


If that tool is not meant for Windows LTSC but you run it on LTSC, who knows what could it do.

Hi again@Radu Ilie 

there is a new section added in Microsoft documentation that clarifies and answers your question



"To help our customers become more secure and up-to-date, Microsoft will distribute Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) to Home and Pro Edition devices running Windows 10 version 1803 via Windows Update. This process will start after January 15th, 2020 and more information will be available on that date.


The Blocker Toolkit is intended for organizations that would like to block automatic delivery of Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) on devices running Windows 10 version 1803 and newer that are running the Home or Pro Edition of Windows. All other versions and Editions of Windows are excluded from being updated automatically. Devices running Windows 10 Home or Pro Edition that are joined to an Active Directory or Azure Active Directory domain, are MDM managed, or are WSUS or WUfB managed, will also be excluded from this automatic update."


Specifically, no enterprise versions of Windows will be automatically updated, meaning the Blocker Toolkit is just needed if you run Home and Pro on your enterprise network, and if they are not joined to a Domain.