Change Search Engine on "New Tab" -page via Group Policy

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When Microsoft will provide a option to change the Search Engine on "New Tab" -page via Group Policy from all users? This would be very important setting to us because our business users don't want to use Bing.

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Yes, we'd like this as well. There is a UserVoice item for this (made be someone else);
We also had this discussion. It seems that few see that changing this from Microsoft Search (there is just a Bing logo for marketing purposes) to Google also disables searching in Office 365 data and documents. Same as scrolling down in the newtab page with it set to Office 365 reveals more integration that, when not explained and pointed out, is overlooked.


That would be a great addition. But if you are in desperate need of the feature, then you can download some extensions from the Google or Microsoft store that provide you with a new and better new tab layout and you can choose which search engine to use.

The extension that I prefer is Momentum-

I hope this helps you.