Cannot sign in to personal account

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I have installed the latest Edge Dev build ( on my Windows 10 PC at work. I have also enabled the "Sign in with AAD account" flag at the edge://flags page and created two profiles ("Work" and "Personal").

In the "Work" profile I'm able to sign in to my work account (O365) at the "Settings -> Profile" page.

When I switch to the "Personal" profile and try to sign in with my personal Microsoft account, by selecting the "Microsoft Account" option in the sign in window and then click "Continue", the dialog where I can enter my credentials does not open. 


Has anyone observed the same behaviour when using multiple profiles with O365 and personal Microsoft Accounts and probably knows a workaround? Or is this a known bug?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Jens_Siebert, I just tried this on the latest Developer update, Version, and was able to create both personal (MSA) and work (AAD) accounts.  Can you try Alt+Tab to see if the password window might have popped under the browser window? Thanks - Elliot

Hi @Elliot Kirk,


no, the window is not in the background. It doesn't open at all. I've just learned that my company uses Group Policies for the original Google Chrome browser to restrict certain things, especially the possibility to sign in to a Google Account for syncing. Could theses Group Policies affect the Edge browser as well?





are you still experiencing this problem?
(after almost 2 months, Edge dev is upgraded from ver 77 to 79 now)

@HotCakeXYes the problem is still there. Login to O365 account works fine but for the personal account the login windows closes without further information in the lastest Edge Dev build (

If the login to the personal account is blocked by some kind of policy, it would at least be great to get some kind of error message on the reason instead of simply closing the login window...

Yes definitely a message specifying what the problem is would be very helpful