Browser sync data doesn't sync across channels?

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Running both production and beta channels with sync on and my favorites are not syncing from production to beta. Is this by design?


concern: we begun a soft roll out of beta with intentions to switch to production once its on v80, Will sync data carry over from Beta to production when switching channels?


Thank you

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Sorry to tag you but you were kind enough to attempt to help me in the past.

Anyone have any insight here at all?

Its definitely not by design. Sync is supposed to be bidirectional across the channels.
I have forwarded this link to the relevant team. Hope someone more knowledgeable than me can help out.

@trandall we do expect data to sync across channels of the new Edge browser. I suspect one of your channels hitting some error preventing sync to work end to end. You can visit edge://sync-internals to get a hint on which device might be causing this. Please submit in-app feedback from both devices allowing us to look into this. Have you already tried signing out/in on both browsers?


Looks like something strange with the STABLE bookmarks sync.. 

I signed in and out again to try and clear it up but its not working. 

I submitted a feedback too. Any other things I could try?


attached are the dump status for both and a screenshot. 





1) export favs from STABLE to html

2) delete all bookmarks from stable and beta

3) made sure that changes were synced

4) uninstalled both channels

5) installed stable again and enabled sync

6) no bookmarks downloaded from sync (sync status on bookmarks no longer on NULL)

7) import favs from html

8) bookmarks confirmed syncing again! edge://sync-internals

Thank you