Black wide line on top of page for IE mode pages on windows 10 2004

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On Windows 10 computers black wide line (10px, maybe wider) appears on top of IE mode pages. This happened after computers were upgraded to 2004. Turning off hardware acceleration makes that line gray. That wasn't happening on 1909.


Tested with Stable (83.0.478.50) and Beta (84.0.522.20)



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I report the same problem.


The problem is linked with the 2004 update and not Edge, since I could not reproduce the problem on same hardware, same Edge version but with 1909 update.


I will add that everything is fine when the website is opened directly in IE.

We are facing the same problem. Every site running in IE mode comes with that black bar on top.

@RampSupport For us this issue is not linked to the Windows version 2004 solely as it occurs on devices running 1909 as well with all versions of Edge out there. 


Edit: Disabling the menu bar may help. That solved the issue at my side at least. Thanks to @kreivan for the hint.