BING search not showing Office 365 tennant information as expected anymore

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for some reason Microsoft has changed setting swith regards to showing company data in Bing search results. It worked fine for over a couple of weeks, but now something has changed (Bing setting in tennant was not changed) but I discovered a lack of results being shown...resetting does not help???


This makes it quite unusefull and if this persists, I will switch back to Google/FIREFOX (So Microsoft beware that if you change stuff which is considered enterprise fucntionality, you will p...sss off those who rely on it!

Office 365 is a pay as you go service and i consider the Bing integration in EDGE a huge benefit...however when this functionality is changed by Microsoft (for reasons , which can only be a financial benefit) than you let down a lot of entrepeneurs who want to put some efficiency in their day to day work... Shame on you Microsoft for changing fucntionality and EDGE behaviour in probably only your favor!!!  

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@Ron J. Buitenhuis In which stage (Canary / Dev / Beta / Stable) with which version do you see this behaviour?


reg, Henno

@Henno_Keers EDGE Versie 81.0.416.64 (Officiële build) (64-bits) 

@Ron J. Buitenhuis 

To put in a KT way:

  • What was the input to the search and what result did you see where the deviation could be seen?
  • When did the deviation started?

reg, Henno