Automatic Downloads of Multiple Files - Incorrect Behaviour???


Good afternoon


I am running into issues when attempting the following task; I am on a local intranet page that contains multiple links to documents that can be downloaded, I click on the first link and it downloads fine however any subsequent links I receive the below message, this is despite adding the site to the allow list for automatic downloads. Is anyone else experiencing this behaviour or know a solution? Ideally I want to be able to allow multiple downloads from specified sites via group policy.






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@Josh_Carpenter I have the same issue. No matter what I try, it keeps blocking multiple downloads

@italocampanelli I may have solved my own problem, I had our entire exchange running in IE11 mode, once I removed the site from the enterprise mode site list the problem went away, wats weird is if I ran the page in IE11 I didn't have the same problem, anyway hope this helps you.