Assign particular Work Account to Edge profile?


I have multiple Work accounts in Win 10. I want to create Edge profile A and assign to use only Work account A, then Edge profile B will only use Work account B. Is that possible?

Current behavior is that I am being constantly prompted for select appropriate work account from list.


Any idea appreciated! 

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@Michal Marusan Hi!  Please take a look at our recent blog post: 


Is this what you are trying to do?  Let us know if you are having any issues.  Thanks! 




No, it doesn't help in my situation - I have two work accounts (on the OS level) and two Edge profiles and I want to use one Edge profile only with one Work profile while the other will be also only used with the second profile. And I am not trying to use them within one Edge window.
When I open any site that needs authorization I am being prompted to select from both profiles  (see below) - there is no way how can I tell keep using this work account here in this profile.