Annoying new welcome message after update to 101beta

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just experienced the new update of my beta Channel to 101. Something new annoying happens. A unwantend scaring scam page opens after restart.


Wir haben Ihnen den aktuellen Build bereitgestellt. (


I would have expected "HideFirstRunExperience" would supress such unwanted pages also.


This is a no go in many and my enterprises. All kind of communications with our users have to be under central control and following our strict enterprise communications and design guidelines.  And everything has to be confirmed by a communication board. How can I supress this kind of first run websites to prevent beeing fired? We really dont want to inform our enterprise users about blocked features like xbox cloud or safe passwords .







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@Joachim_T Hi! Just to confirm, did you just go through an update of the browser only or were you setting up a new device and went through the whole First Run Experience? 


If it was just an update of your browser version, what was the behavior before, during prior updates?  Are you using any policies like RestoreOnStartup or RestoreOnStartupURLs?  Thanks!




Good Morning @Kelly_Y 


I had a update from Beta 100 to 101. It was auto restarted due to RelaunchNotification = 2. All tabs where restored plus the whats new insider page.


RestoreOnStartup is set to 4 and RestoreOnStartupURLs is set to our company intranet


But there is still the problem with the only partly working GPO. If this page is not a new function for 101 then maybe the problem comes from  Bug: Edge Beta 101 on Start: This policy is blocked - its value will be ignored. 



@Joachim_T Hi!  I was not able to find any mention of a change in behavior so I think it might be related to the policy issue you mentioned.  Once that is fixed would you be able to check if this is fixed as well?  If not, I can ask the team to investigate further.  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y Hi.
I dont know how to proper test this behavior. It just happens on major version changes. So IMHO i can test it only on next change from 101 to 102. i will wait until the GPO issue is fixed then i will think about a test solution ;)

Anyway - Happy Easter! See you again next week same place