Allow pdf's to be opened externally by site

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I know Microsoft is pushing Edge's built in Reader which makes sense, but we have certain sites that need to use a external PDF reader (older sites no way around it). Whereas we have some newer sites that just wont work if we don't have it set as using the built in reader.


It would be nice if that option would be available.

ie. All Sites download and open PDF's using built in reader

exceptions based on site and they open external.



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@Vern Bateman Hello!  We currently have the AlwaysOpenPdfExternally policy ( but that only addresses part of your request.  


I can see we have it on our backlog to update the policy to allow an exception list but there is no ETA for when this will be available.  I'll pass on your request to the team.  





Yes we currently use the Edge AlwaysOpenPdfExternally policy, but with the mix of newer and older sites its becoming more of a problem.

Hoping this can be made more of a priority..

thanks for your help.