admx out of date for Edge Stable 85.0.564.68

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I've downloaded what is supposed to be the latest Policy files with the latest stable edition, currently 85.0.564.68 on (i tried BETA too) and they are all showing the following in the VERSION file.  



One particular setting of interest is mentioned on this page.

ForceSyncForce synchronization of browser data and do not show the sync consent prompt


Is there a page somewhere that notifies of the changes in the Policy files and when they are last updated rather than needing to do file compares to find the changes?



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Forcesync shows as available from v86:
Supported versions:
On Windows and macOS since 86 or later

New policies are usually released with new version. You should check this document:

you're a legend @mindst !  thanks for the link.  I was aware it was in 86 and above but when downloading the Beta Policy files I couldn't seem to find it.  I've done it again today and it is there.  It was getting late last night.  Thanks again.