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I saw an energy industry poster in this forum a month or so ago talking about the need for Enterprise users to be able to access and modify Bookmarks outside of the browser much like the Favorites Folder in IE-11. We are the same way. The problem with the Chromium based browsers is that you have to open the browser and dig through a data base.
Does anyone know if accessing and modifying bookmarks outside the browser is going to be possible, or will we be stuck with a Chromium-like bookmark system? I can say fairly assuredly that large corporations need to move preset files of bookmarks according to department, or management level or project teams. Importing/exporting HTML files isn't going to cut it. We have a small IT team preparing to upgrade IE-11 on our own in case Microsoft fails us. I know energy and medical groups are already preparing to release their own versions of an updated IE-11 and completely ignore the new Edge. Is there a status update for that?

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