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@xiaogou Hello - I'm using Translation in MS Edge to try and read your message.  Are you trying to sign up for a developer account to publish MS Edge extensions?  Are you using a MSA account? 


Documentation here: Overview of Microsoft Edge extensions - Microsoft Edge Development | Microsoft Learn)



@Kelly_Y Hello, first of all, thank you very much for your reply. I think I am not using an MSA account, I am only using a regular Microsoft account. Now I have a problem. When I applied for Microsoft Edge Extension Developer, I could not find a place to provide employment certificate, and my Email hosting service did not receive relevant emails. Do you know how to solve it?



@xiaogou More information about verifying a company account can be found here: Verify the company account information associated with your Microsoft Partner Center account - Micro...


If you are having problems, you can reach out to Microsoft Edge extension support: Contact Microsoft Edge extensions support - Microsoft Edge Development | Microsoft Learn