First published on CloudBlogs on Apr, 11 2007
Support for manual revocation of licenses

Earlier, it was not possible to revoke a license issued to a client. Issued licenses would automatically expire after a random period between 52-89 days and become part of the available license pool. Some customers wanted to have the ability to revoke a license and make it available immediately. The typical scenario is where a particular machine would no longer be used (e.g.: a machine was getting formatted) and the license had to be made available immediately to another client without waiting for the expiration period. To address this, we now have support for revoking a license. Through the License Manager UI or the new WMI providers in Longhorn, you can select a per-device CAL that was issued to a particular client machine and choose to revoke it.

Note that you can only revoke 20% of a specific version of a CAL at a time. So if there were 100 Windows Server 2003 per-device CALs installed, you could revoke only 20 of them at a time. Also note that revocation support is currently only for per-device CALs.