First published on CloudBlogs on Apr, 04 2007

Terminal Services Licensing in Longhorn Beta 3 has several new features that will enable better deployment and management of Licensing environments. We addressed several customer requests in this new release of Longhorn such as per-user tracking and reporting, manual revocation of licenses, better diagnostics and support for WMI providers. I'll discuss each of these separately in the next few days.

Per-User Tracking and Reporting

Prior to Longhorn, per-user licenses were not issued. Thus there was no easy way to track if the usage of per-user licenses was in line with the EULA and the licensing agreements. With Longhorn, you can easily track usage and create reports of how many per-user licenses were issued. Reports can be accessed both through the License Manager UI as well as the WMI providers.

Note that in Longhorn, per-user licenses are only tracked and not enforced.