First published on CloudBlogs on Oct, 01 2010

Hi, Max Herrmann here again from the Remote Desktop Services team. Back in July, I wrote to you from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, D.C., where we released the public betas of Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 and Windows 7 Service Pack 1. I was telling you then that the partner support and momentum for Microsoft RemoteFX was heating up.  Yesterday, LG and Microsoft announced an agreement to collaborate on the development and marketing of the LG Network Monitor, a multi-user computing solution that will integrate with RemoteFX. Under the agreement, LG will introduce a new line of network monitors with RemoteFX in mid-2011.

An LG Network Monitor is a monitor that connects to a centralized desktop over the network.  With a connected LG Network Monitor, all you need to get to your desktop and applications at work is a keyboard and a mouse – no PC. Multiple LG Network Monitor users can remotely access a complete Windows 7 desktop experience, hosted on the same computer enabled by Remote Desktop Services, running somewhere on the network.

That’s why today’s news  is huge. If you have been following my blogs in the past, you know that I have been passionate about RemoteFX; however, I have been even more passionate about the excitement of all of our hardware and software partners for this technology and the efforts they are making to enable powerful, end-to-end RemoteFX solutions for our joint customers. With LG, it is no different: the prospect of seeing LCD displays in the market next year that will be enabled for RemoteFX decoding means that customers will have even more form factors to choose from when determining the right access device for a VDI or session virtualization environment: rich clients, thin clients, ultra-lightweight clients, and now also network monitors (did anybody say no clients ?  ;-)).

LG is a powerhouse for innovative electronic products including computer electronics for businesses, educational institutions, and consumers.  When a company like LG decides to commit to a new line of products designed to specifically take advantage of RemoteFX, it sends a very clear message to the market: RemoteFX is compelling, it is real, and so are the customer needs that Microsoft’s remote desktop solutions—enhanced by RemoteFX—address. This is another great day, and not just for Microsoft or LG, or for the desktop virtualization stories that our other RemoteFX partners are telling. It is a great day for all those IT pros and their end users who are passionate about the benefits of a centralized Windows desktop without having to sacrifice a full-fidelity use experience or the flexibility that innovative access device options will offer them. The new LG Network Monitor will be a fantastic addition to the growing list of RemoteFX-enabled devices.

The excitement in the market around RemoteFX continues. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to download the SP1 beta bits and check out RemoteFX. And please post your comments to this site, as I am very interested in your thoughts on today’s announcement.