First published on CloudBlogs on Nov, 15 2010

3/4/2011 - The SCUP Catalog Authoring Best Practice document has been updated. Language information has been added to the "Defining Metadata" section.

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Over the past year I have received lots of questions on how to properly author SCUP catalogs.  Some of the most common questions have been ...

"When should I modify my existing update or create a new one?"
"When should I remove an update from my catalog (and/or SCUP)"?
"Should I use prerequisite rules?"

And many more...

With all the questions I have decided to create a catalog authoring guide.  This guide provides best practices for anyone that is authoring catalogs.  My hope is to continually update this document as I receive more questions.  If you have authoring questions that are not answered in this document please send me your question here and I will attempt to answer it and later add it to this guide.

You can find the SCUP Catalog Authoring Best Practices guide attached below to this post.

-- Jason Lewis

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