First published on CloudBlogs on Jan, 08 2009

Welcome to the official blog of the System Center Configuration Manager product team!!

This blog site offers our customers a single point of reference for technical information that comes direct from the product team, to make it easier for you to find the information that you need.  For example, the UA writers blog began as way to inform customers about new documentation, but over time became a conduit for providing technical information that customers needed faster than we could publish through our traditional publishing processes.  Other blogs were vehicles for providing feature-specific information outside normal channels, with great information being provided by team members such as Jason Lewis , Victor Sletten , Gabe Brown and Bill Anderson .

Customers obviously benefitted from this additional information, but the multiple blogs meant multiple resources.  So we came together to provide this Configuration Manager product blog as a single place to find the same levels of information but without having to subscribe to multiple feeds.  The original blogs will continue to exist but new posts will be made on this central location.

We would also like to provide a behind-the-scenes view of the team responsible for developing and maintaining the Configuration Manager family of products.  Let us know what type of information you would like to see on this blog by e-mailing us on the following address: cmtblog@microsoft.com .

To kick off this joint venture, we would like to introduce you to The Man behind the Configuration Manager product group, Ken Pan .  Ken is the Product Unit Manager (PUM) for the System Center Configuration Manager product group, and is responsible for all engineering and product development functions associated with the Configuration Manager and SMS products. In this post Ken talks about his background and his role, and his early involvement with the product since 1992.  Learn about his vision for the product, and why he thinks customer focus is so important to the product's future success.