Unleashing the Power of Low-Code and Azure OpenAI Services with Microsoft Power Platform
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Microsoft Power Platform and next-generation AI have created a new way for developers to solve business problems and a new way for end-users to use AI in the flow of their work to be more productive. With low-code technology, Microsoft is providing an intuitive, iterative experience for citizen developers and accelerated development for professional developers.

Next-generation AI features have been launched for Power Virtual Agents and AI Builder, which will enable bot creators to connect their bot to internal and external company websites and provide bot answers immediately based on the information on their site. The conversation booster feature in Power Virtual Agents also unlocks new use cases for bots, with quick creation of bots for resolving repetitive queries. AI Builder now brings Azure OpenAI Service to its user-friendly interface, enabling makers to use a new low-code generative AI model and templates with Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Apps.

You can find all the information regarding Microsoft’s recent announcements on the AI Hub.

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In this episode of the Low Code Revolution, join host Daniel Laskewitz and guest Ashish Bhatia as they explore the exciting possibilities of integrating the powerful Azure OpenAI Service functionality through AI Builder.

Discover how this integration can streamline your workflow and help you achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. Resources:

00:00 - Introductions
01:07 - AI Builder overview
02:17 - Microsoft's AI Stack
05:23 - AI Builder loves Generative AI
07:24 - Business scenarios
08:32 - Demo: AI Builder experience
11:04 - Demo: Create text with GPT in Power Automate
14:54 - Demo: Create text with GPT in Power Apps


Responsible AI at Microsoft

Microsoft is committed to creating responsible AI by design. Our work is guided by a core set of principles: fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability. We are helping our customers use our AI products responsibly, sharing our learnings, and building trust-based partnerships. For these new services, we provide our customers with information about the intended uses, capabilities, and limitations of our AI platform service, so they have the knowledge necessary to make responsible deployment choices.



AI Builder Documentation 
AI Builder preview SIGNUP - https://aka.ms/ai-builder/gpt/preview
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