Open-Source Thursdays: A Journey into Open Source
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Looking to dive into open source in 2023? Interested in contributing to real world solutions? We're launching a series to help you understand the nitty-gritty of open source and go on to begin contributing.

Introducing Open-Source Thursdays
This series is led by Husseinat Etti-Balogun a Beta Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador and Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Through this series, we want to provide an understanding of how open-source technology works and how open-source thinking can benefit everyone in tech. Here's what the series would look like:


Session 1: An Introduction to Open Source

In this session we are going to introduce the term open source to our audience, but not in the typical monotonous way that is always presented. We want to introduce the training, control, security, stability, and community that is encompassed in “the open source” way.
  • What is open source?
  • History of Open Source
  • History of Open Source at Microsoft
  • Popular Open-Source Projects

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Session 2: Getting Started with Open Source

In this session we are going to show you the steps to take to get involved in open-source projects. It's a great opportunity for you to learn about the places to find open-source projects, how to contribute to them and how to get help when you’re stuck. Here's the agenda:
  • Where can I find open-source projects?
  • How can I contribute to open-source projects?
  • How do I find help when stuck in open source?
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Session 3: Finding a Community within Open Source
In this session we are going to look at what it takes to move from lone wolf to part of an open-source pack. People forget that technology was created to aid or even improve our abilities, and social skills is no exception. We will briefly reference where to find projects/ communities from the last session and dive into how to create kinship with members within that community. Here's what we would cover in this session:
  • Joining communities
  • Participating in team events
  • Being active in the community of a project
  • Reaching out to people with similar interests
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Session 4: Open Source for Space Enthusiasts
In this session we are going to go over an example of the things we’ve learnt about finding open-source projects but specifically for those interested in space related projects. Here's what we would cover in this session:
  • Places to find space related projects,
  • How to join the communities,
  • How to start contributing
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Session 5: Maintaining an Open-Source Project
In this session we are going to talk about what it takes to maintain an open-source project and the effort required behind the scenes to make the job of everyone else much easier. Here’s what the session is going to cover:
  • Who is a maintainer?
  • What does a maintainer do?
  • How a maintainer's work affects everyone?
  • How to become a maintainer?

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