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A Doze of Motivation

Data is the new oil and I live in an oil country where nobody is drilling --- Olanrewaju Oyinbooke (2019). I am so happy right now that I can share a quote that inspires me so much at the early stage of my career. Interestingly, this quote is also by myself. 

You will agree with me that in Nigeria and Africa, we haven’t gotten the best value from the data around us yet and that is exactly what this track is trying to solve. By equipping you to be able to fill this gap. Did I just say Gap? Yes, there is a Data Gap. 


What is Data Gap? 

Data Gap is a way to represent the rate of data generation versus analysis. Daily, Data are being generated at an exponential rate but only few are being analyzed. What could cause this gap? a very obvious reason is unavailability of technical-know-how. we have fewer skilled data analyst compare to the available data.


To better understand the volume of data generated daily, let us check this  data never sleeps chart by domo.




This huge data gap means opportunity. as predicted by Microsoft, between 2020-2025, there will be 43million job roles in the data analysis and related role space. This will however favour only the skillful and not beginners.


This post is the primary guideline for the Data Analysis Track and will help you to navigate the entire learning journey. 

In case you missed the onboarding session, kindly click here https://aka.ms/30DLOnboardingRecap to catch up with everything we did. 


On the table below, you will find all the topics and link to the sessions 


Day of the Week Date Learning Contents Objectives Session Type Recap Link
Monday 6/13/2022 •The World of Analytics – BI and Data Analysis
•Start with Value and not the Tool
•Few Steps to Take for all Your Data Analysis Projects
•Microsoft Excel Repeating the Miracle
•Excel Pivot tables, Charts, Building reports
Exploring the world of Analytics
Understanding Business Value
Intro to MS Excel and Excel Look Up
Video Content on YouTube
Link to Microsoft Excel Tips
Link to Download COVID-19 Dataset through MS Excel

Click Here for Day 1 Learning Content


Tuesday 6/14/2022 40 Free Dataset for your personal projects
COVID19 Dataset in Excel - Web scraping examples
Get access to different sites/platform for open source dataset
Learn how to scrape COVID19 Dataset from GitHub using MS Excel
Recorded video content

Click Here for Day 2 Learning Content


Wednesday 6/15/2022 Build COVID-19 Dashboard with Microsoft Excel Build Microsoft Excel Dashboard for COVID19 Cases in Nigeria Reactor Session Click Here for Day 3 Learning Content https://aka.ms/30DLDATDay3 
Thursday 6/16/2022 Build Stunning Dashboard with Power BI from the Click of a Button Participants should be able to create a Power BI Dashboard directly from SharePoint List and within MS Teams at the click of a button.

Participants should be able to embed MS Power BI Dashboard into MS PowerPoint
Recorded Session Click Here for Day 4 Learning Content https://aka.ms/30DLDATDay4 
Friday 6/17/2022 A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst This session will present participants with the opportunity to learn from Industry experts what it means to work as a data analyst in the corporate settings Reactor Session

Click Here for Day 5 Contents


Saturday 6/18/2022 General Track - Recap for the Week An hour session to run through all the learning for the week and also answer questions Teams Live Webinar Event

Click here for Day 6 Contents


Sunday 6/19/2022 Feedback and Cloud Skill Challenge Day Cloud Skill Challenge Day

Microsoft Learn

Discord Engagement

Click here for Day 7 Contents


Monday 6/20/2022 Introduction to Power BI Desktop •Overview of Power BI Functionalities and installing Power BI Desktop
•Connecting to different Data Sources in Power BI - Excel data, SharePoint List, Folder, Web, and Database
Build a dashboard by dragging and dropping in Power BI Desktop
Reactor Session

Click here for Day 8 Contents


Tuesday 6/21/2022 Power Query in Power BI, Getting Familiar and working with Power Query •Import VS Direct Query in Power BI
•Power Query Intro and PQ Editor Functionalities
•Importing folders into Power B
•Importing data into Query Editor
•Formatting data in Query editor
•Combining tables in Query editor
Recorded Session

Click here for Day 9 Contents


Wednesday 6/22/2022 Data Modelling and Welcome to the World of Data Analysis Expression (DAX) •Data Modelling – What is it?
•Types of Relationships
•Managing relationships.
•Relationship cardinality
•Introduction to DAX
•Creating Calculated Columns and Measures
Build Your 2nd Dashboard with Modelled Data and Calculated Column and Measures
Reactor Session

Click here for Day 10 Contents


Thursday 6/23/2022 DAX Application Apply the DAX Concepts on a Dashboard Project Live Event

Click here for Day 11 Contents


Friday 6/24/2022 Page Navigation, Bookmarking and Tooltips in Power BI Desktop Adding Page Navigation to Power BI Report
Bookmarking Power BI Report
Adding Buttons to Power BI Report
ToolTip in Power BI Report
Reactor Session We apologize for the delay. we will update the link once available 
Saturday 6/25/2022 General Track - Cloud Skill Challenge Journey Participants are to share their progress on the Cloud Skill Challenge, ask questions and also get motivated to commit to completing the Cloud Skill Challenge Live Event

Click here for Day 13 Contents


Sunday 6/26/2022 Feedback and recap for the week Time to catch up with what you've missed, practice, document your learning, etc. Blog Post

Click here for Day 14 Contents


Monday 6/27/2022 •Color Psychology and Themes in Power BI
•Font type and Styles
•Data Storytelling in Power BI Desktop
Understand Colors and theme
Building a Storytelling dashboard in Power BI Desktop 
Reactor Session

Click here for Day 15 contents


Tuesday 6/28/2022 Create A Data Driven Story with Power BI Report Learn more about storytelling in Power BI MS Learn - Cloud Skill Challenge Module

Click here for Day 16 Contents


Wednesday 6/29/2022 Introduction to Power BI Service and Creating Interactive Dashboard Introduction to Power BI Service
Creating and Managing Interactive Dashboards

MS Learn - Cloud Skill Challenge Module +

Recorded Content

Click here for Day 17 Contents


Thursday 6/30/2022 Data Refresh Schedule in Power BI Service Participants will learn how to Schedule Refresh in Power BI Desktop Reactor Session

Click here for Day 18 Contents


Friday 7/1/2022 Row Level Access Security in Power BI How do you control access and govern your reports and dashboard Reactor Session

Click here for Day 19 Contents


Saturday 7/2/2022 General Track - Catch up on missed sessions Participants should take this day to catch up on any session they've missed Self-paced learning  
Sunday 7/3/2022 Feedback   Discord Conversation  
Monday 7/4/2022 Your Project. It's Your Time to Showcase Your Skill. Participants are expected to work on a project that will help them demonstrate all the things they've learnt in the course of the program with proper documentation on GitHub Individual led with mentor support

Access Your Capstone Project details here


Tuesday 7/5/2022 Keep working on your project     https://aka.ms/30DLDATCapstoneProject 
Wednesday 7/6/2022 Keep working on your project     https://aka.ms/30DLDATCapstoneProject 
Thursday 7/7/2022 Keep working on your project     https://aka.ms/30DLDATCapstoneProject 
Friday 7/8/2022 Keep working on your project     https://aka.ms/30DLDATCapstoneProject 
Saturday 7/9/2022 General Track - Moving on from Here Participants should be proud of their learning and share testimonies of their growth.
Participants should also be linked to their campus communities for continued learning
Teams Webinar Event  
Sunday 7/10/2022 Catch Up and Share Your Learning      
Monday 7/11/2022 Tidy Up your LinkedIn Profile Participants should have what it takes to update their LinkedIn profile and have it optimized Live Reactor Session Link to Optimizing Your LinkedIn session
Tuesday 7/12/2022 Graduation Graduation Live Event  


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