Introduction to Data Modelling in Power BI
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Data Modelling and DAX

When we were curating the Data Analysis curriculum, we asked ourselves what most people spent months struggling to learn in data analysis using Power BI, then decide to bring experts and industry leaders that can break down these concepts in an hour. That’s massive transformation.

We all started Data Modelling from Nursey School --- Ahmed Oyelowo (MVP, MCT. AFM). I really don’t have anything to add to this rather than being so surprised that it is actually true.
This just made it clear that the topic of Data Modelling in Power BI was demystified as if the audience are Nursery school students and every illustrations, examples, scenarios cited were great, relevant, and relatable.


I wouldn’t be breaking down this session for you, you need to watch this for yourself. The comments were great and you will agree even from the very first minute into the event.


Get The Dataset Here

Use this link to get the datasets used in today's session The folder name is "Data Modelling Dataset"



Watch the Session Here





  1. Download the Dataset here  
  2. Implement what was taught in the session using the Data provided  
  3. Attempt creating a reports for the dataset
  4. Document Your Project on GitHub and share it on LinkedIn and Twitter with the hashtag #NG30DaysOfLearning #30DaysOfLearning


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