GreenHack–IOT Sustainability Hackathon using Azure Services
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First published on MSDN on Apr 07, 2018

So what is GreenHack

Rapid 10 hour hackathon (10am -> 10pm)

• Organised by Hackers at Cambridge

• Partnered with Allia, Cambridge Carbon Footprint, Pivotal and the Cambridge Living Lab

• Three projects are suggested by our partners for attendees to tackle (rogue projects are also welcome)Over 65 spent the weekend with a simply aim of creating something original which can really make an impact in the field of sustainability.

The quality of the event was really high you can go to to see all the submissions which made it all the way through to the judging stage.

The event was formatted into a set of evening workshops and then a single day hackathon.

The Cambridge University Microsoft Student Partners acted Proctors at the hackathon who were on call to help attendees with any tech problems they faced

Workshops and Skilling Up on IOT

In addition the Microsoft team ran a number of pre workshop events covering introductions to using Azure and Services.

Including the following workshops which are available part of our Educator/Student Offerings. ...

1 day hackathon to build out a set of proof of concepts

The teams had access to Microsoft Azure , A selection of Hardware RaspberryPi running Windows 10 IOT Core, Ardinuos and sensor and various Hats supporting both Gadgetter Sensors to WeatherSheilds.

The IoT kits were really popular with the teams.

Here are quick summary of the Teams

Top Tips for IoT based hacks and learning from Greenhack

Having access to Hardware and Sensors which attends can use is essential for IoT Hacks
Loaning/Borrowing of IoT kits are really popular not all students have access to hardware or sensors
Ensure you have a mixer of platforms, sensors and tech staff who can support users using IoT
For Short Hackathon ensure you have IoT device pre-setup with OS as downloading and installing Windows 10 IOT Core can take some time to setup and deploy.
Don’t limit users on hardware or software available have a pre setup selection of Windows, Raspbian, etc
For short hacks make sure everything is pre configured and ready to go providing temp username and passwords if necessary.
Ensure pre Workshop are completed and allow 1 –2 hours per workshop to ensure people feel confident with the technology

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