Exploring the World of Analytics
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Day 1 in the Making of a Top Talent

If You Have Been Waiting for this, let me see your hand in the air.


Personally, I am excited to welcome you to Day 1 of 30 of learning Data Analysis Using Microsoft Power BI. We have shared repeatedly how this opportunity will shape your understanding of the data world and make you employable at the end of the program.


This post will cover the following:

  • Exploring the world of analytics
  • Start with Value and not the Tool
  • Steps to take when Approaching Data Analysis Project
  • Microsoft Excel Repeating the Miracle of 1992
  • Introduction to Excel, Excel vLookUp, Pivot Table and Chat

Exploring the World of Analytics

This video will share more light on the different life cycle of data and how roles are evolving. it will also highlight the data gap and the opportunities it presents.



Start with Value

This is a complete mindset shift we are bringing to you here. when you think of Data Analysis, what comes to your mind? well, I asked this same question in this video and provided a shocking answer.



Steps to take when Approaching Data Analysis Project

In this video, I presented two (2) scenarios; A data analyst working in a company, and a student data analyst learning and building personal projects. How should you approach a data analysis projects in these scenarios? check the video for answer. I also demonstrated how to use GitHub for your project documentation.



Microsoft Excel Repeating the Miracle of 1992

In this video, you will see a very interesting Microsoft Excel Adverts in 1992. I was so happy watching this Ads as it brought back old memories. While I wasn't old enough to understand this Advert in 1992, I can imagine what it means to the world - It is a miracle.

Since Microsoft Excel need no Advertisement today, I decided to use this session to perform modern miracle with Excel similar to what was done in 1992. 


Watch this video to catch up with the story



Introduction to Excel, Excel vLookUp, Pivot Table and Chat

Now that you see how interesting Excel is and how you should approach every project by starting with business value and asking the right question, it is time to have some introduction class to Excel. 


Go through this practical class and make sure you demonstrate your learning by replicating everything and sharing it on social media


Excel Pivot Table Guide 



  1. Download the sample data used for the "Analyze Data" demonstration in the Miracle of Excel session here https://aka.ms/30DLDATFinanceDataSample 
  2. Use the "Analyze Data" feature in Microsoft 365 Excel to replicate what was done in the session. feel free to explore
  3. Create a Public GitHub Repository with README.md file and name it "YourName-Baby-Step-in-Data-Analysis". create the sessions as demonstrated in the "Steps to take when Approaching Data Analysis Project video", Upload the Excel file (Finance Data Sample" you worked on
  4. Practice along with the VLookUp and Pivot Table video
  5. Tweet what you learn with the hashtag #NG30DaysOfLearning


What You will Learn Tomorrow

Tomorrow, you will learn where and how to get sample datasets for your personal data analysis projects. at the end of tomorrow's session, you will have at least 40 Sample Dataset to work with.

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