Build COVID-19 Dashboard with Microsoft Excel
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Note: You will be able to build this same dashboard in Microsoft Excel at the end of this class. make sure you follow the video guides closely.


Storytelling with Data

Data Storytelling is another way through which data analyst past messages across in an easy to comprehend manner.

When a good data story is told, the consumer gets the maximum insight and understanding from it and this can influence their actions and inactions.

The global lockdown was due to the COVID19 Pandemic and since then, a whole lot of things have changed. How bad was the COVID19 prevalence in Africa? our facilitator - Zion Bonzo from Ghana did a great job showing us how to build this stunning dashboard with Excel.


Technical Issue During the Live Session

Our facilitator for this session had a technical issue joining from Ghana. It was raining heavily and this impacted his network and audio for the session. This resource is a coverup to help you acquire the knowledge and skills intended for the session. Zion will be featured once again during this programme to share more beautiful things you can do while creating dashboards with Microsoft Excel.


Before you Build Your Dashboard

You need to bear in mind some important topics while building a dashboard a report:

  • Ask Question. what is the objective of this activity? e.g. why are we building this dashboard? a good answer will be for information purpose. To bring to the consciousness of the stakeholders how bad the pandemic has been. Now to Stakeholders, who are they? Our stakeholders in this case study is the general topic. Anyone interested in understanding the spread of the global pandemic.
  • Data, Where and How do I get it? This is yet another critical Question you must ask for every task you are given. Don't assume the data already exist unless you know everything about the data. In this case study, our data will be sourced from COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University



Let's Get our Data and Build to Tell Pandemic Story with Excel Dashboard

Watch the video below and get ready to be involved. practice alongside and make sure you also share your learnings on social media using hashtag #30DaysOfLearning


The videos are in series, make sure you follow them in this order.


Web Scraping for COVID19 Data

We are sharing with you once again how to scrape and get this data from web. watch the video below for details




More Transformation and Analysis Part 1

Now that we have scraped the data. let's apply some more transformation and commence analysis.




More Analysis - Creating the Charts

It is time to create Pivot Charts from the Pivot Tables. Exciting, isn't it?




Let's Tidy this Up

It is time to see the beauty in our dashboard and make it responsive. Feel free to explore, add more chart types, add more interpretation and express your analytic prowess.






  1. Follow the video to scrape the data from GitHub
  2. Clean and Transform the data following the steps in the video
  3. Thoroughly analyze the data following steps in the video and beyond. make sure you add something more to final work
  4. Document your work on GitHub
  5. Share your portfolio online using hashtag #30DaysOfLearning


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