Beginner Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
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Anatomy of a Power BI Desktop

I wouldn't like to repeat here everything that was said in this well detailed Microsoft Reactor session on Power BI. Watch it and see for yourself. All I will do now is to give you hints on what was covered in the session which can be found below:



  • Analytics is a Continuum
  • Anatomy of a Dashboard
  • How Helpful is the knowledge of Excel?
  • Power BI Product Portfolio
  • Personal Power BI Architecture
  • How to Install Power BI
  • Demo Time
    • Get Data from Power BI Sample file
    • Get Data from a Single Excel File
    • Get Data From SharePoint List
    • Get Data from a Folder on your PC
    • Get Data From Web
    • Get Data from Microsoft SQL Server Database


Get The Dataset Here

Use this link to get the datasets used in today's session 



Get the full Details Here





  • Connect to the different datasets demonstrated in the video and build some visuals with it. we haven't talked about this but you can explore and use the knowledge gained from the cloud skill challenge here.
  • Share your learning online with the hashtag #30DaysOfLearning #NG30DaysOfLearning


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