A welcome to the In-Country Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Peer Mentorship Program
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September 2020 was the initial launch of the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador (MLSA) Peer Mentorship program and today, we embark on a new journey to go global.
This 12-week initiative is driven by a Cloud Advocate, collaborating with Student Ambassadors to address 3 key pillars which are: -

1. To Welcome the student developer community into the tech space through virtual on-demand technical workshops,

2. To Guide the participants through group mentorship, where every participant is assigned to a group managed by an ambassador to promote individual career growth and lastly,
3. To Connect participants to various resources, student opportunities and Microsoft products


Peer Mentee journeyPeer Mentee journey

On Saturday, 25th June 2022, we had the official in-person kickoff of the peer mentorship cohort 2 - Kenyan Chapter and this time round, we have 350 community developers as mentees. For the next 3 months, our community will facilitate weekly technical project-based workshops (leveraging GitHub, VS Code & Microsoft Azure) in the following tracks:

Activation of the GitHub Student Developer Pack Slides, courtesy of Clifford Ouma, Alpha Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador,

Presentation on the Student Ambassador program with all you need to know to get in, courtesy of Abubakar Ali, Beta Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador

MLSA Peer mentorship cohort 2 mentees - Kenyan ChapterMLSA Peer mentorship cohort 2 mentees - Kenyan Chapter

Here is a sneak peek into what we have in store for you:

July scheduleJuly schedule

Successful mentees get a chance to participate in a Game of Learners Exhibition (4-week hackathon) and receive coaching to take their projects to the next level (Imagine Cup :cool:).

If you weren't able to secure an application for this cohort, do not worry as we invite everyone on the internet interested in attending our technical upskill workshops. To join the sessions, follow us on twitter to get notified when our sessions are live.

Wondering what you might need for this? Pre-requisites:

  1. For all students, activate your Azure for students Benefit here to get free Azure credits worth $100 that we'll be using for training
  2. Activate your GitHub Developer Pack here as well for additional benefits

See how you can activate the benefits to explore the different services on Microsoft Azure here


Would you like to have this initiative in your country? Let us know and we'll work towards bringing it closer to you!

~ Cheers!

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