Windows 10 Pro Education: Unwanted downgrade to Pro

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Hi everyone,


a strange thing we've been encountering for a week now: We upgraded our Windows 10 Pro installations on our Surface 4 Pro devices per the setting in the Microsoft Store for Business (a benefit). This has worked since a week ago, when almost all of the "Hybrid Azure AD joined" (local AD and online AAD fused to single identity) devices were automatically downgraded to Windows 10 Pro, losing all of the GPOs that had been working fine before.


All devices still show up as joined in the AAD portal.


Doe anyone have any idea where to look for a solution?


Thanks a lot!


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I'd open a ticket for that if I were you.

I'd already done that, but no reply as of now, alas. Just went fishing for some ideas on how to approach the issue anyone might have. Thanks for your reply!