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When Power BI first came out you could share dashboards with the free plan. Now it's £7.50 per month per user to have the ability to share data even if on A3 or A5 licenses. But that's what an education institution needs - shared data dashboards! Some schools I know were using it have reverted back to spreadsheets because of the cost. Any one had experience with overcoming this?
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Hi @Philemon Burney,


The Power BI license and sharing changes affected our school as well. At the time we were using Power BI Pro licenses for report creators, consumers of reports with live data connections and Azure Power BI Embedded.


We moved to Power BI Premium to increase the number of consumers of reports with live data connections and to maintain our Power BI Embedded service. The education pricing was significantly cheaper than want is listed on the Power BI site.


Depending on your requirements you might be able to get by with Power BI Embedded and using the SharePoint Online Power BI embedded web part for sharing reports.


I hope this helps.