New Microsoft Teams updates in Office 365 for Education

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In June, we announced new experiences in Microsoft Teams designed to help schools achieve more together. Since our release, we’ve been excited to learn how customers have started using Teams to foster deeply engaged classrooms, strengthen professional learning communities, and streamline staff communication.


Kurt Söser, Teacher at the Business School in Steyr, Austria, began using Teams as the digital hub for his classroom. He shared that 

“Microsoft Teams is a true one stop shop. I can plan everything in one place and my students can start right from the app to explore our lessons. The combination and integration of OneNote Class Notebooks, assignments, communication and scheduling makes learning anytime and anywhere easy.”


Nancy Bonfiglio-Pavisich, Deputy Principal of Irene McCormack Catholic College in Western Australia, is now using Teams with her staff for professional development and policy management. She shared


“Teams is a dynamic, convenient way to bring great minds together.  We are currently using Microsoft Teams to review various policies at our school.  We are not constrained by day or time. We all feed in and take responsibility for producing a document that reflects real and relevant policies for our school environment.”


We love hearing from customers how we can make Teams even better for the education community and are continuously looking for ways to improve the experience. So today, we’re releasing new updates that make it even easier for educators and staff to collaborate with OneNote in Teams, for teachers to create richer assignments, and for IT administrators to manage a safe environment for their school.


OneNote Class and Staff Notebook Improvements

Starting today, teachers and staff will be able to access Class Notebook and Staff Notebook Settings from right within Teams. This update further simplifies school workflows by allowing teachers and staff-leaders to manage notebook settings such as Teacher-Only section groups, adding new sections, and locking the Collaboration Space, all without ever having to leave Teams.   



Additionally, all Teams users will now be able to enjoy Class and Staff Notebook in full screen view in Teams and navigate the full notebook to access other sections, spaces, and pages.  This also allow the Class Notebook Toolbar to be used from within Teams.

Lastly, Class and Staff Notebook now support Edit in Browser, so teachers and staff can quickly navigate to a fully immersive OneNote experience.CN GIF.gif


Coming Soon: In October, the Class Notebook integration with Teams will become even richer.  Teachers using Teams will be able to distribute OneNote pages for their class assignments and the Class Notebook addin in will communicate with Teams to allow Teachers to push assignments and grades directly into the Assignments within Teams.  



Assignment Capabilities

And as teachers create new assignments, they can be reassured that their content will now be automatically saved so they never have to worry about losing progress.

Also beginning today, teachers can export grades from Teams as .CSV files and import that file into their School Information System (SIS) to maintain a single source of truth for student grades.Assignments.jpg



IT Administrator Controls

Starting today, IT administrators can choose to enable or disable private chat at the license level. This enables IT to manage a safer environment for Students while allowing Faculty & Staff to continue using chat for private or smaller group conversations.


Additionally, IT administrators can now create a unique block list for 3rd party applications in their tenant, allowing them to control which apps and integrations their educators, students, and staff can interact with in Teams.Admin Control 2.png


Coming Soon: Next week, IT administrators will also have the option to enable or disable assignments for classes in their tenant, providing greater flexibility for schools with existing assignments tools or LMS. 


These updates are in addition to the controls we introduced in June that allow IT administrators to manage meetings and meet now experiences, as well as enable delete conversation for team owners so that teachers can moderate student conversations.


For a full list of IT administrator controls, view the Microsoft Teams Getting Started Guide for IT". 


We look forward to learning how schools use these new features in Teams to create collaborative classrooms, engage in professional learning communities, and unify staff communications as they head back to school.


We will continue to deliver new features updates every month and you can stay up to date on the latest by connecting with us on Twitter @MicrosoftEDU and @MicrosoftTeams. You can also submit feedback on the product by selecting ‘Feedback’ in your Teams navigation bar or going directly to Microsoft Teams UserVoice.


Start using Microsoft Teams today!


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Awesome! Keep up the good work! :)


Great work! Are you going to show any love to Teams for Enterprise? It seems like all your efforts have been going into the education space...

Frequent Contributor

Some very welcome features, just in time for the new UK academic year. Thanks

Occasional Visitor

Any word on when private channels will be coming to Teams?

Regular Visitor

I would like to link to an existing notebook rather than recreate it. Can it be done?


Yes, you can point to an existing Class Notebook.  Add a new tab that is the "Web link" type, and paste in the link to your old Class Notebook

Occasional Visitor

Sorry, I also want to learn, but a lot of money

Frequent Contributor

Thanks, for keeping us up to date, Mike. I'm looking forward to more updates.

Senior Member

I am searching for a way to add a student to my Teams create OneNote Class Notebook. SDS did the initial Teams population, but I have accidentally deleted a student from the OneNote Class Notebook. Now I need to get that student back into the Notebook. The student is in Teams as a member.


Any idea on how to do this?


Hi Perry - the best way to get help on this one is to send a mail to

Regular Visitor


I am struggling with similar, Classroom had an update OneNote notebook facility but can't find one in teams.


Hi Calum and Perry - in Teams, if the Class Team itself has a student added or removed, the permissions will automatically update in the Class Notebook after an hour.  So this is actually better/more autoamted than MS Classroom.  The case where Perry deleted the student notebook on accident is something that would have to be manully fixed up or "Retrieved" by Perry

Occasional Contributor


The Teams/Onenote environment is awesome and my students love it!

But last week I ran into this issue. I had to move 4 students from one team to another (classes were rearranged). Of course I edited the Teams, no problem. But then I looked at the Class notebooks. It appears that the 4 students are now in both class notebooks... When I click on Manage notebooks, or Add/Remove students, I am directed to the online browser environment, but my Teams class notebooks are not listed... So no editing possible there.

I can't seem to find how to resolve this issue. Anyone? I'm stuck and confused.

Thanks for your help.



When students are moved in Teams, for the Class Noteobok we don't delete/move student data.  The permissions should be changed (e.g. - ne Student added to new class, old student's permiussions removed from old class) but we don't delete student data on the move.


Are you still not seeing your Teams Class Noteoboks in the "Manage Noteoboks" list in the browser"  If so, please send a mail to and we can troublehsoot. 



May I know how to add the existing OneNote Class Notebook into the class Teams? 

Thank you.

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Thanks for clarifying this. I guess it's normal behavior that the students' notebooks are not moved but copied. 



I didn't add an existing class notebook into class teams. The class notebook was created within Teams.

The issue here is that I cannot manage class notebooks that were created within Teams.


Hi Many - you can add an existing Class Notebook by adding a new tab (click "+") and then choose "eb Link".  For the address of the web link, paste the URL to your old Class Notebook.  Then give the tab a name, like "Old Class Noteobok".  This will create a web page tab that will point to your old Class Noteobok.  It's not a perfect solution, but it should work in the near term


Hi Eric - you can Manage the Class Notebooks that you have created in Teams.  There is a screenshot of this in the blog To do this:

1) Go to your Class Teams, and on the  left rail, click the "..." overflow menu

2) Choose "View Team"

3) Choose the "Settings" tab

4) You shoul then see the "Class Noteobok Settings"


If you choose the "Manage Notebooks", it shoudl launch you into the bigger "Manage Noteoboks" for all Class Notebooks, but your eams notebook should also be listed amonst all your other Class Notebooks



Hi Mike, 


Thank you for your great suggestion, will share with teachers who want to insert their existing OneNote Class Notebook on Teams. :)


Many thanks, 


Occasional Contributor

Hi Mike,

Could it be that only IT administrators can manage class notebooks from Teams?

I'm familiar with the procedure you described, but no, I still can't see my Teams notebooks when I go online in the browser.Teams-Settings.jpg


Can you send a mail to, and tell them that Mike Tholfsen suggested they loop me in directly to your support ticket.




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Hi Mike,

No word yet from, but the workaround I used seemed to have solved the issue.

I just deleted the 4 student notebooks form the class notebook in Onenote 2016. Now in Teams, everything appears to have been synced and the Teams notebook reflects the changes made in Onenote 2016.

When moving students from one Team to another, I don't see nothing wrong with actually moving the complete student notebook from the old to the new one (well, maybe add a warning "Do you REALLY want to move.... ")



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@Mike Tholfsen What is best practice for end of year rollover for Onenote Class Notebook and for Teams. Some teachers are wanting to know how to move content from last year's notebook to current year.

Teams is new, but how do we plan for end of year procedures?


Use the Class Noteobok Addin and "Distribute COntent Library" features.


1) Go here:

2) Drop down the menu and choose "Distribute Content Library from One Class Noteobok..."

Any plans to integrate M&S Whiteboard with Teams. Has to be a killer feature that students can capture what's being taught on the big screen is shared and captured on their screen within Teams.

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I wonder what exactly does "IT administrators will also have the option to enable or disable assignments for classes in their tenant, providing greater flexibility for schools with existing assignments tools or LMS." mean and where can I find it?

- is it per ClassTeam, or

- a setting either/or for all ClassTeams in the tenant?

Kind Regards



This willbe a tenant-wide switch that can be used to disable the Assignments app in all Class Teams

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Will there be a way to map a Class Notebook to a Team? Microsoft Classroom is still in the list of LMS choices, but I don't see Teams. It is so convenient to enter grades from the notebook.


This is coming very soon, keep your eye on this blog

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