Immersive Reader comes to Nearpod, bringing engagement, joy and inclusion to every classroom

Published Oct 17 2019 09:00 AM 3,097 Views

As announced in the Nearpod blog in September, Microsoft is bringing our Immersive Reader directly into Nearpod. With strong, active Microsoft integrations that drive student engagement, Nearpod is committed to bringing your classroom to life.  Nearpod creates an inclusive and immersive learning experience by allowing students to actively participate in every lesson. With the Immersive Reader integration into Nearpod, this enables 100% participation and give every student a voice. The beta release of this integration is now rolling out.


Since we launched Immersive Reader as a Cognitive Service to all partners last summer and announced Nearpod as an early partner, we’ve seen a flood of excitement coming from educators and schools excited for the integration to launch.  Nearpod “PioNears” are already getting excited about the new capabilities in Nearpod. Mary-Lynn Karpenske, 7th and 8th grade ELA teacher at Oldfield Middle School says, "Immersive Reader is absolutely wonderful, and I can see it being a real advantage in my classroom, especially for the readers who struggle or English Language learners. I look forward to seeing how this improves my students' reading comprehension with this full roll-out."


By integrating the Immersive Reader, Nearpod makes lessons and writing content available for learners of all abilities and can help with accessing content and reading.  All of the capabilities built-in to the Immersive Reader will now be available to Nearpod customers within Nearpod ‘slides’ and Open Ended Question activities.


An example of the new Nearpod and Immersive Reader integration is below:

Nearpod IR.gif


 Immersive Reader in Nearpod 


To enable this beta integration, go to your “advanced settings”.  The beta integration has just started rolling out to Nearpod in October, so sign in today to check it out and Microsoft is thrilled to bring the Immersive Reader to Nearpod to enable inclusive and immersive learning experiences by allowing students to actively participate in every lesson. 

To learn more about Nearpod’s integration with Microsoft Immersive Reader and how it can benefit both students and teachers, you can sign up for free at Microsoft Immersive Reader works with all Nearpod license levels.


Mike Tholfsen

Principal Product Manager, Microsoft Education


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