Why adoption is important and what it bring.

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Hi everyone, We all know that adoption is important for ROI. Microsoft have provide the 365 Usages Analytics tools and lots of info on how and why to implement a adoption plan witch is useful.

My question is do you have any good reference/studies other then the Forester that showed how important and the impact of adopting the Office 365 services & Teams products.

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Hi @jab365cloud last year Dorset County Council decided to measure the influence impact of their champion's network. I wrote up a review of what we did for a UK Office 365 Club meeting and the article is here on LinkedIn: Creating a culture of influence


What was interesting though was that at the beginning of this year I re-ran the survey with the champion's network and we found that the ROI had improved from 274% to 303%.


Of course influence is a tricky thing to measure because it's so subjective, but this type of tool is useful when it comes to looking at things beyond the activation numbers.

Love it thanks!!!

You're welcome :) @jab365cloud