Which application to use for project task management

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We are trying to work out the best way forward to manage our project resources rather than buying project software. Basically I thought of planner but that doesn't interlink well with outlook desktop and doesn't create item in outlook tasks. Reason for using outlook is for seeing if staff are available so scratching my head on what best way forward. How do most people handle project planning tasks and resources? 

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@Brenden Ward 

take a look at Trello, Asana and smartsheets.. they don't cost much and each integrate with basically everything in the O365 environment, including MS Flow.. 

Hi @Brenden Ward,


Here's a link to a Microsoft article that might give you some pointers: When to use Microsoft Project, Planner, or To-Do.



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Hi @Brenden Ward   In this month's O365 Champion community call I addressed Task Management.  Take a look at the presentation and the recorded content over here:  It's the April content.  


Overall it's about making the switch.  You can view Planner tasks with due dates in Outlook Calendar for scheduling and load balancing but it does not create Outlook tasks.  The idea here is to move away from Outlook tasks for shared work and only use those, along with To-Do for individual tasks.  I discuss that before my demo in the call.   I hope this helps.  

@Brenden WardIt is really going to depend on the type of projects you do and how much functionality to you want. Some things to consider:

Do you need cost tracking info?

Time off info?

Schedule integration - if one project slips do others get affected and updated automatically

Number of projects.

need for rolled up management views

need for scheduling shift workers

Integration with other apps- onboarding, time-keeping, payroll etc


The answers to these and many other question will help you pick the right app(s). and you may want to use several instead of getting one, super-duper app that does everything.

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