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At one point in time, I thought we had some examples of usage policy, etiquette guides and other artifacts that people created for their environments to align their employees with how Modern Workplace was intended to be used.  I can't seem to find it - if anyone knows where it is, I'd appreciate a pointer.


I did find a rich collection of usage guides that were publically available:

Microsoft O365 Policy 

TechCommunity Guide

Air Canada Yammer Policy

University of Wisconsin 

Zurich’s Yammer Policy 

Penn State Policy


If any of you have examples you could share I would appreciate it!! 

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I have published the Office 365 Good Etiquette Guide here:

Thanks Loryan - I think it's really cool that you have blog that evangelizes some best practices. Have you had any clients leverage the content for internal alignment? I'd love to understand those scenarios. With regard to an etiquette guide - I was referring to a one page document that guided people to "Do This . . . Not That". @Melanie Hohertz(Cargill, Inc.) - did any of your community generated content make it's way into this network?
Usage policy is VERY different to etiquette which is also VERY different to "what to use when".
Policy = what the organisation says you can and can't do
Guide = how to use products, best practices
Etiquette = how to be good to other people
There's a bunch of those types of user guides / "what to use when" available online in infographic or written format, you just need to search online.

I like the segmentation.  Thanks for sharing.  If there are great examples that you'd suggest are worth review in each of the segments I'd be interested.  The ones I shared with the post were ones that surfaced in a search.


To your point most of what I shared are policy's.  I'd consider the "techcommunity guide" as an etiquette guide. 


In addition, I often refer to Chris Slemp's which tool when guide.  I'm also a fan of the MSIT Work Smart Guides and the Office Quick Start Guides.  I'd also view the FastTrack Productivity Library as a guide.


I'm looking for other examples that people have that they may be willing to share because modeling is one way people learn.