Translating Microsoft Adoption Guide


Hi @Karuana Gatimu,


I want to present my companies management with the adoption guide, but several of them will have trouble with the language. Is it okay for me to translate the parts I want to use, and then present it in my presentation? 

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IMHO is fine to create a localized version of the Adoption guide...just make a reference somewhere the guide is translated from the Microsoft Adoption Guide

Hi @Tonje Waasjø  Sorry for the delayed response as I was out when you posted.  Yes of course you can make translations for your own use.  Could I ask which language?  We are working on localization now for many assets so it would be good to know.  I hope you did this already!  

Hello @Karuana Gatimu. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I have started and it's Norwegian. We are just over 5 million people in Norway, so maybe not the languange Microsoft has on top of the list =)