Training Sandbox for M365 Adoption

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Hi Karuana & fellow enthusiasts

I am planning end user training for my organisation to support adoption of M365. Rather than training on a single product in isolation, I would like to be able to replicate a-day-in-the-life-of and design a learning experience in a Sandbox environment that I can invite my participants into.


I am seeking to create a safe space where users can learn through trial and error in a simulated environment.


Is there an environment that I could spin up or what design approaches did you use to create simulated environments that closely match what participants may experience in their work envrionment.




@Karuana Gatimu

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No idea regarding the environment, but a great idea to have a learning journey replicating the "life in a day" :)

@JuMeu yes, certainly one of the key factors is about immersing users in the experience that is safe to play in. 

It would assist with seeing the interaction between applications and why an ecosystem of M365 to support your workflow makes sense.

I see the various apps and products as lego pieces. What we need to do is show people pictures of different builds with the lego pieces and instructions for how to achieve it.

I often build example Teams and SharePoint sites etc for users to explore and play with in the same tenant.
If you need an additional demo tenant try:
Thanks Philemon. The link opens to a message saying I am "Not authorized". Unfortunately, I am not a Microsoft Partner :(
Do you build examples in the Production tenant? If yes, what rules do you follow in terms of deleting/archiving the teams and SharePoint sites?