The New Business Model for the post covid world

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Hi everyone, 

About a year ago we decided to come out from being on the sidelines to back into the provider industry. We initially wanted to use office 365 and leverage the active directory for a small business solution. Azure Active directory included with office 365 business is a big deal. Other than people in our industry, people have  no idea how valuable office 365 is and its capabilities. Majority of small business owners think Word processor when office 365 is mentioned. . A year late on our scheduled project launch date, I never would of dreamed that the world would be shut down our launch date was May 7, 2020. Normally new companies like mine would be done, but we also use the solutions and business model we are advocating for so we are able to scale down and remain viable. Ms Teams is literally our office I have developers that wok with me for 5 states and two countries and when we work it is like we were all in one building. Our develops channel is integrated with Azure , Share point,  Our Azure Active directory is connected with our on premise AD services We realized this solution we created was just exactly what Covid 19 impacted small business would need and also  Microsoft had a name for the campaign we wanted to launch we are ready to launch our first module or the market and working on our version of the Teams deployment and integration. if anyone would like to collaborate of projects we also have some new concept ideas on VR and AI. Im, glad I am back. I had to complete higher education regarding some things i needed to  know be able to create the things i want to create, I really missed this industry. 

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