Teams Utilization - Power BI Reports - Driving Adoption - Vol. 1

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We understand that adopting to
change is hard and new technology
change is even more daunting. That's
why we have created advanced
reporting and diagnostics for Call
Quality Dashboard in Power BI,
helping to put near real-time
information at the fingertips of IT
Data is the one objective source that
can bring balance to decision making
and understanding as a whole. The
Power BI query templates for
Microsoft Advanced Call Quality
Dashboard (CQD) do just that by
showing how successfully adoption
of new technology is happening and
where there is room for
improvement, helping to make
adoption easier to see.
Today we are thrilled to have released
the Power BI Connector for Microsoft
Advanced CQD. Now, experts like you
can build your own Power BI reports or
customize them and share within the
Teams community. Jim Coan, Microsoft
MCS, built this report and is the author
of the reports and documentation and is
open to your general questions, The
Teams Utilization Power BI report
consists of two primary reports: Call
Count Summary and Audio Minutes
Summary. The Daily Usage and Regional
Audio Details reports come into play in
the next issue when we discuss the
advantage of the drill-down reports

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