Teams for an all day workshop with breakout sessions

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Due to the current lockdown in the UK, our business colleagues are looking to use Teams to replace some all-day workshop style events that were planned for the coming weeks. 


We're trying to think of the best way to enable this using Teams as the collaboration tool for this one-day event. The requirement is to have a forum for an all-attendee briefing (c80 people) and the start and end of the day, then break up into smaller teams/groups for more focussed team work and discussion.  To me there are a couple of options but wonder what others have used in the past, or what is recommended?


  1. Set up a temporary Team
    • All-attendee session via a Teams Meeting or Live Event at the start/end
    • Set up a Channel for each Break-out session group, and set up a Channel meeting for members to collaborate remotely
  2. Set up a series of 10+ different Outlook calendar invites to different Teams Meetings for each session
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Hi @SimonCoston990,


take a look here, it might get you started.



Let us know how it went. Real world feedback will help us all. :folded_hands: Good luck.

@SimonCoston990  Hello Simon, happy to help out here.  I've got a background in instructional design of digital learning environments (before Corona).  Putting facilitator-led workshops or programs into an online social and virtual delivery requires a rethink of your program to be delivered in different synchronous and asynchronous ways.  


I used Gilly Salmon's model


Of course, there are many universities who have excellent resources on how to do this as this is something people have been doing for a long time in the education field. Here's a resource that may help as a start.


All the best and enjoy the process (it is fun admittedly!)