Teams Contest Ideas to drive Adoption ??

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I'm hoping someone might be willing to share ideas about how to use contests in TEAMS to drive adoption and awareness. We are rolling out Teams right now and I'd like to start planning for some contests to create greater awareness around understanding of Teams basic functionality and drive new behaviors. Curious if anyone is willing to share best practices in this area. 

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@ChangeGuru  Not a contest per se, but I'm dabbling in the use of a great edtech tool called Wakelet to create a board of activities (and which can then sit as a plugin into a relevant Teams channel).  Marrying the idea of the advent calendar (eg 30 days) but with a task orientated approach around adoption using this board. 


@ChangeGuru some ideas from previous experience.

- Match your organizational chart in Teams

- Have an executive as a sponsor. She/He must be present in the whole adoption journey

- Create an early adopters / champions group

- Experiment

- In a perfect scenario:

  • you will install Teams
  • you will announce Teams
  • you will wait
  • your amazing employees will grab the opportunity of a new tool and they will adopt it and they will generate ideas for you
  • then you will adopt new ideas/ limit / guide them to focus more on business value

But as i said the last one is a perfect ideal scenario :D 

@ChangeGuru Interesting topic. Also looking for a contest where Teams can compete with each other in how well they collaborate; % of Team is engaged (writing posts, responding, collaborating on documents, number of apps used in the Team etc), but also how good you are as a person compared to others in collaborating, what type of collaborator you are, get awards for progresses etc. Maybe sign up for separate competitions for "project managers" and such. Found a Spanish app "Teamschamp", but haven't dared to try it since you have to give access to all company data. SWOOP is interesting too with insightful statistics, but no gamification on that yet unfortunately.

@ChangeGuru 6 months later... did you ever come up with some good contest ideas and how did it work out for you? I'm at the stage where you were!