Tasks by Planner and To Do Updates

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Is anything being done around Tasks by Planner and To Do or has that app in Teams died? The name never fully changed to Tasks. I haven't seen My Day or Flagged emails. I heard nothing from what I could see from Ignite this week. Should I just have it permanently removed from all users in our tenant? @Karuana Gatimu and @Josh Leporati 

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@Jeffrey Allen I've been wondering the exact same thing for awhile. TBH, I feel like the writing is on the wall for "Tasks" and Planner as a whole.  


Blog/news from the Planner dev team have slowed down to a slow drip over the year with minimal updates to the product.  Their latest blog post (2021-NOV-04) was mostly a rehash of the few things they released over the past six months with only a couple of vague promises for what's to come in 2021, both of which feel too little and too late for a product that turned five years old this past summer.  

Features they promise are coming in 2022:

  • Reoccurring Tasks
  • Rich text in the "Notes" field

In my own opinion, Planner is too far behind the ball in the world of modern-productivity-tools.  I've got my eyes set on Lists and Loop moving forward, until MS releases a "for everyone" version of Project.


I was unaware that they were even moving in this direction. I thought "Tasks by Planner and Todo" was the last step. A quick Google turned this post up: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/planner-blog/the-planner-app-name-in-teams-has-changed-to-tas...


Sure enough, we're supposed to see one more rename of the app to just "Tasks". Thanks @Jeffrey Allen for asking for status update. I'm curious now too.