Suggestions for low cost online Card Sort tool?

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Looking for suggestions for a low-cost online card sorting tool.


I'm sure we can all agree that the correct IA is key for good usability and adoption.


We're going to re-do our navigation to better serve our users and looking for a card sort tool that we can use to gather data on how to best organize.

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@Eric Adler Totally agree that IA is incredibily important for a positive user experience. As this is so important companies know that most times companies will pay through the nose for it and sometimes that is a tough sell to the people that pay the bills =)!


Having said that, I have been lucky to work with clients who paid for Optimal Sort which is the best tool in my opinion. But I have also had clients who did not want to foot the bill. So ... 


If you can do them in person and have access to a Mac, I would recommend xSort as its free and has analytics built in.  


If you have to do it remote, I would suggest using something like Trello. You have to do the analytics manually but it would cost you nothing. Here is an article to get you started


But if you can afford $25 for a month (for most projects that's enough for 1 test) you could get Proven by Users or Usabilitest. That $25 is money well spent just for the reports!


Anyways ... good and keep fighting the UX fight!

@Eric Adler 

I personally have been using UXtweak for all of my latest card sorts and I totally recommend it. 

It’s super fast and provides great insights on organizing your content. You conduct your study with real customers and there are a bunch of features within the tool for user behavior analytics. :)


I would also say that it's very intuitive and easy to use, compared to some other platforms I tried before. You'll have no problems with recruiting the participants, they offer help with that too.   The results give you a ton of information about your users which is also easy to analyze.

Here’s the link if you decide to check it out 

The prices are really affordable and on top of all that, they offer a free trial, so definitely keep that in mind.