Steering Adoption with Analytics Tools

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I'm interested if and how other organzations are steering adoption.

Based on what i see in the market space, adoption (especially when a company migrates to O365) is pretty important because you need to achieve at least the same adoption level as it was with the previous software, right ?

example: so if you have a huge usage level in Jive and you migrate to O365 in order to use Yammer and users are slowly adopting to it, then often the migration project is not that successful (from a user feedback) as it should be, right ?


Microsoft and other 3rd party vendors are offering different ways of visualizing usage/activity data.

However i have not seen any single vendor which offers a more holistic approach across the O365 landscape. In case i'm wrong, please let me know :)


other examples:

Do my endusers heavily use Yammer and as well MS Teams ?

if yes, do the group/team/network shows a similar pattern when it comes to members/owners and activity ?

Are there similar groups in place which should be consolidated because otherwise users are lostdue to duplicate grouping structure ?


you can imagine that there are dozens/hundreds of other use cases :)





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Lets put it into a different sentence:
"What would be on your wishlist for a usage analytics and adoption acceleration solution that covers the o365 Stack?"