SPO Swag for Champions

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I have a few owners who are leading the transition to SharePoint Online. I want to find/provide them with some SharePoint Online swag when their sites go live as a thank you as well as help provide them with an easy conversation starter.  I haven't found any SPO specific products here: Microsoft Merchandise Store

Has anyone else provide swag to your change leaders?  Where did you get it?



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Hello Laura - I'm not sure if your company works directly with Microsoft or purchases their licensing through a third-party, however, if you do have a Microsoft Account Executive, you can work through your CSM to get some swag. I usually get my swag from my Account Executive.
Sorry I can't be any help with information on how to get the swag , but I'm in the same situation and I think this is a great idea! I may use some other swag in place of Microsoft if you don't get a lead.
Thank you @Perla_Ramirez. I check into that!
Any luck here? I was told recently that Microsoft is not providing any budget money for adoption initiatives. It's really sad that we can't drive our adoption programs with that little help, when we move teams/companies even, from Gsuite to the MS 365 platforms and basically help them make their money.. Very disappointing !