Sneaking way to do Teams training without users even knowing they are getting training!

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One of my O365 Champions just told me about a way she is training people on using Teams without them even realizing they are getting trained!  She also happens to be the lead of our office Wellness committee.  They are running an 8 week wellness challenge where anyone that wanted to participate had to do different health focused activities in order to be entered into the weekly raffle for a gift card.  She created a Microsoft Team for the overall challenge - and then did a channel for each week.  She posts the challenge to the channel - and then does something different on how they can document they participated - one week it was upload their activity tracking spreadsheet to the file area, another week was to reply to a conversation, another week was to post a recipe, and then whichever recipe got the most "likes" won the week......etc etc!!!!!


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

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@Allison Koch It IS a great idea. When you wrap it around something else that is relevant or meaningful for people (in this case the wellness program), it's less about the tool then and more about the program. They are then getting their education around this aspect.  I worked with Coca Cola some years back and the challenge was helping their Supply Chain use discussion forums.  I didn't run any training on 'how to use the discussion forum' instead it was centred around a major issue that one of their plants had around the incorrect threading of plastic Coke bottle necks affecting the ripping apart of lids - which in turn stopped production and banked up thousands of Coke bottles causing the supply chain delays to retail outlets.  The whole discussion forum was centred around finding appropriate solutions - you should have seen everyone get in there and start writing, testing, sharing ideas and lo and behold, they knew how to use a discussion forum.  (They since solved the issue because the forum allowed someone in Western Australia to connect with someone in Victoria - they solved the issue WITHOUT bringing an equipment specialist out from Germany which would have cost them $40 000). Let's just say the managers were quite open to having their people use discussion forums from then on.


@Allison Koch @Helen Blunden  Genius!! Great shares, TY!! #teamsmvp