Should we be talking about User Consumption?

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This may be seen as a bit pedantic by some, but as we are focussing on MSOL services are we not driving users to consume SaaS, rather than adopting it?  We need to make clear the difference between on-premises license adoption and cloud subscription consumption.

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It depends on the standpoint and audience.
I don't talk consumption with customers - I talk adoption. The term adoption is applicable to cloud or on-premises as those are only the delivery mechanisms.
I only talk consumption with Microsoft staff who have scorecards around the consumption of cloud subscriptions.

Turning on a product on and forcing everyone to use it is one way to drive consumption, albeit much like throwing fecal matter at a wall to see what sticks.
Adoption is about getting end users to love the technology by having it change, and ultimately improve their behaviours and daily work life.

Hi @Nigel Horncastle we focused on the topic of End User Adoption all last month, there are some really cool resources from the community you might be intererested in reading to give you some additional perspective on End User Adoption: