Sharepoint spaces for online simulation?

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Hi everyone


Within Sharepoint spaces is it possible to link out to web links? I'm exploring online simulation, done quite a bit now for health and social care students (HE) in Teams/Thinglink, and trying to explore XR options/potential within M365 products. Thinglink links out to weblinks e.g. a professions upto date website, yet Sharepoint spaces I am unable to currently do this. Is this a permissions thing (has it got the potential to do this) or is it a feature of Spaces that it wont live link?  I've got Thinglink to live link to a Teams meeting invite but can't activate this in XR (which I really really really need to be able to push online simulation further forward......)

If it wont live link, is there another M365 product that can be embedded within Teams as a tab, similar to ThingLink where we can add 360 vr content and then overlay live weblinks ontop (including links to Teams meetings)?..... thanks.


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