Resources for SharePoint Adoption for a single team?

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As per the title, I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for good SharePoint adoption that focuses on a single team or group - rather than the entire org as outlined in a lot of Microsoft's adoption resources.


Ideally I'd like to leverage a simple framework that I can use to help guide our clients through the setup and training of their sites.  

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Hello Alex. Good to know you are looking forward for SharePoint adoption for one of your teams in your organization. Could you elaborate about your team's day to day activities and their exposure to technology.

@Surya_Pammi thanks.  This is less for my own organization, but more for training new M365 users (clients) on SharePoint.   I'm just wondering if there's a common framework used in this community that i could leverage.

**UPdated - I see from other posts that you are using LP, so my comment below is moot. **. :)

Have you looked at the SharePoint Success site and Learning Pathways?
Intro to SharePoint Success site:
Learning Pathways :

we are in the initial stages of setting these up in preparation of launching a user adoption program.

Hello @atrain204,


As you are looking to train new users for M365 specific to SharePoint, I feel this will be a right place to start with.

You need to first understand the interest of the end users (Via Feedback forms) and try preparing some snackable content. For your reference please see this link and go to "SharePoint adoption Day in the life guide" pdf file. 

Initially users show interest in creating & customizing sites, document collaboration & co-authoring. These two links will give a basic understanding to them from end user perspective


Based upon the feedbacks received you can plan for a Microsoft end user training.



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