Real World Business Use Case for Teams

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At a recent event I met a PM for Fred Hutch and they were explaining there frustration with Teams.  I answered a majority of their questions but suggested that some training for the team would be most helpful.  Question, "How do I connect with someone that could help the team at Fred Hutch?"

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I'm not sure what particular training the people at Fred Hutch are looking for. I'm assuming they've already implemented Teams and their level of frustration is that people are not adopting it correctly? 

If so, I'd suggest two things, reevaluate the templates that they are using to drive their Teams collaboration, and secondly, pick up a copy of the book Adopt and Embrace Microsoft Teams by Paul Woods, Helen Blunden, et. all. 

Frustration with Teams can be easy if your teams groups are not properly set up. The book is a very quick read and helps you to understand how to properly work within Teams. 

If they are looking for training, I'd suggest adopting the training from here: 

The instructor-led training is a great way to quickly understand the usability of Teams. If you don't want to wait, you can access the class from the On-Demand option available.